Electric Service Comparisons for 2023

The Northern Illinois Municipal Power Agency contracted Utility Financial Solutions, LLC to provide a comparison of residential, commercial, and industrial monthly electric service bills. The communities of Batavia, Geneva, Naperville, Rochelle and St. Charles were compared along with Com Ed.

The rate schedules for all five municipally owned utilities were reviewed and those schedules that best fit the kWh and kW billing determinants surveyed for each class were selected.

The following charts summarize customer billing demands and are based on various combinations of energy and demand requirements.

Comparison of Residential Monthly Bills

residental monthly bills 2023 chart

Comparison of Commercial Monthly Bills: (These bills are representative for smaller businesses that are generally served under non-demand metered rates.)commercial monthly bills 2023 chart

Comparison of larger commercial customers who are generally demand-metered with billing demands between 25KW and 150kW.lrg commercial monthly bills 2023 chartComparison for large industrial customers with demand ranging between 2,000 kW and 10,000 kW.industrial monthly bills 2023 chart

A PDF of the complete report: NIMPA Comparative Monthly Electric Bills 2023