Report a Concern

Depending on your concern there are several ways to contact city personnel to report an issue. Service requests include sidewalk repair, street light outages and tree issues.

Service Request Portal

The Service Request Portal includes requests for the following:

  • Disposal & Collection (leaf, recycling, refuse, yard waste)
  • Drainage & Flooding (stormwater flooding, stormwater grate/pipe issue, stormwater pond issue)
  • Electric Issues (pole, street Light or electric line)
  • Forestry Trees & Planters
  • Street, Parkway, Sidewalk, Sign (dead animal on public property, construction issue, graffiti/vandalism, mowing/property maintenance, landscaping and parkway restoration, snow and ice issues, snowplow damage, potholes/curbs, sidewalks, signs, trash/debris cleanup
  • Water, Sewer (water odor, water taste/pressure

Report a Power Outage

Call 630-454-BULB (2842)

Report a Sewer Backup:

Call 630-454-2450, or during non-business hours and weekends call the Batavia Police Department non-emergency number: 630-454-2500.

Batavia Police Department non-emergency phone number: 630-454-2500

Municipal Code Enforcement

To report a suspected code violation or call 630-454-2700. Please provide specific information, including addresses and detailed descriptions of the issues. Reports are confidential and you need not include your name, but doing so will assist the city with follow-up. Please visit the City of Batavia Municipal Code of Ordinances for a list of Batavia's laws. 

Contact your City Council Alderperson

Batavia is governed by a mayor who is elected by the entire community, and the city council, a group of 14 dedicated alderman and women elected from seven wards throughout the city. All are part-time positions. The council establishes policies for the growth, development and overall quality of life in Batavia.