Big Tree Program

The mission of the Batavia Big Tree Program is to find, measure and catalog the largest native trees in the City of Batavia.

Using guidelines set forth by the Illinois Forestry Extension, who administers the Illinois Big Tree Registry program, volunteers with the Batavia Environmental and Batavia Tree Commissions accept nominations, measure nominated trees, manage data and promote the program and the champion trees that are discovered as part of it.

A Batavia Big Tree is simply…a big tree! It is the largest non-invasive tree (taking into account circumference, height, and crown spread) of a particular species within Batavia. Winning big tree status carries no legal implications or protections.

Nominate a Tree

Please complete the nomination form to nominate a tree.  All nomination data will be verified by the Batavia Environmental and Tree Commissions.

The nomination should include the information below. For more information check out our Big Tree Toolkit (PDF).

●       Contact information

●       Location information

●       Owner information (if known)

●       Tree species

●       Tree size and other information