Green Night Out at the Movies

A Green Night Out at the Movies is a yearly environmental documentary film screening typically held in March. This is a free event that aims to entertain as well as educate. The focus of this event is to provide tools to help all of us to personally make a difference. The event features a speaker or panel discussion by experts, an eco-exhibitors and free lemonade and popcorn. 

 Past titles and speakers include:

2021: “Current Revolution"
Future of our electric grid and alternative energy and featured a panel discussion

2019: “The True Cost”
Environmental costs of clothing and fast fashion. Speaker was Mattias Wallender, CEO of USAgain

2108: “Wasted! The Story of Food Waste
How food waste contributes to climate change and featured a panel discussion

2017: “The Wisdom to Survive”
Climate change and featured a panel discussion

2016: “Bikes vs Cars”
Bikes can be a tool to combat climate change. Speaker from Batavia Bicycle Commission

2015: “Nature of Cities”
Bringing nature into our daily lives and discussion of permaculture led by speakers from The Resiliency Institute.

2014: “Future of Food”
Agriculture practices and impacts of genetically modified foods. Speaker from Food and Water Watch.

2013: “Tapped"
Environmental impacts of proliferation of bottled water. Speaker from Batavia Water department Department/Food & Water Watch

2012: “Chemerical”
The cleaning chemicals we use in our homes and on our bodies can have negative impacts and featured Naturopathic Doctor for speaker.