Initial Land Use Proposals

The Initial Land Use Proposal process is a voluntary, pre-application review with the City Council's Committee of the Whole.  Applicants may undertake this process to receive initial feedback on a proposed change in land use or zoning for a given property (or several properties).  Under the City's Zoning Code's requirements for this process the applicant must provide a courtesy notice to all property owners within 500 feet of the property.   Those attending the meeting are welcome to provide feedback during the public comment period of the Initial Land Use Proposal review.  The process and procedure can be found under Section 5.2 of the Zoning Code.  

The Initial Land Use Process is intended to allow for a short presentation and public comment, but no formal vote is taken by the City Council.  It is not intended to discuss projecct specifics, but rather the land use and general layout of the proposal.   Items such as setbacks, architecture, lot layouts or other details, would be discussed as part of a formal development application, if an applicant proceeds with a proposed project.  

Current Application Information

August 22, 2023 - McKee Properties (Former Furnas/Siemens site) - 1000 McKee Street.   Meeting Notice - Proposed Site Plan


Public comments sought on Siemens Property land use

A public discussion will be held 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 22 at the Batavia Municipal Government Center regarding a proposed redevelopment of the property at 1000 McKee St., Batavia, also known as the former Furnas or Siemens property. Public commentary on the proposal will be held when the item is on the Committee’s agenda.

 Applicant Pulte Home Company is proposing to build single family homes on the property as part of a site redevelopment and is seeking community input. The City of Batavia received the application for an Initial Land Use Proposal Review for consideration by the city council to change the zoning from mixed use to R-1H high-density single-family use. (Single Family Residential Districts zoning (PDF))

 The public meeting is a general review of a property and the Pulte’s desire to change the land use and zoning. It is not a formal request to change the zoning, nor is it a development approval. No vote is taken by the Committee on the proposal.  The meeting’s aim is to give general guidance to the developer before they submit a formal development request to the city. At the Aug. 22 meeting, the public is encouraged to attend and provide comments during the designated time, but city council will only be considering whether the proposed land use changes, and not the specifics on the site plan, are acceptable or not. 

 Any development proposal would require a public hearing in front of the Batavia Plan Commission, with public hearing set at a future date if they will further pursue the project.

 Notice of the Aug. 22 Public Meeting (PDF)

 Proposed Site Plan (PDF)