Service Deposit

 The City of Batavia shall collect and require from each Customer, upon initial application, a deposit for Utility Services:   

  •   $50 per Electric Meter 
  •   $20 per Water Meter 
  •   $20 per Sewer Services 

 When applicable, the deposit will be billed with the first utility bill issued. The utility service deposit will be waived if you own your home and your account remains in good standing. 

The deposit will be refunded to the account, after the customer has been a consecutive customer in good standing for a period of two years.  If the customer should receive more than one late charge during the second year of this period, the deposit will be held for one additional year.  If the customer moves out of the City before the two year period has ended, the deposit, will be refunded, after payment of the final bill and any other charges incurred.

An account with a past due balance may be turned over to a collection agency.  If the customer has a deposit on the account, the deposit amount will be forfeited to the City as a penalty for vacating the property without satisfying the account and the gross amount of the account shall be considered due and owing. 

If at any time the customer does not establish or impairs his/her credit rating with the City, the customer will be required to submit an additional deposit equal to the estimated or prior monthly billing amount of two consecutive months.  The deposit will only be returned to the customer when credit has been established or restored satisfactorily.  During the time of unsatisfactory credit, payments will be due upon receipt of the bill. Failure to receive a bill will not be considered a valid reason for non-payment. 

A $15 fee will be assessed for any check returned to the City by the bank for any reason.