Outdoor Warning System

About the System

The City of Batavia operates an outdoor warning siren system for use in alerting residents to major emergencies. Although they are used most often to warn of approaching severe weather, they may also be activated for other emergencies.

Warning Signals

All of the sirens are capable of producing two signals. These signals are used for two distinct purposes:

 7 Minute Steady Blast: This signal is when a wall cloud, tornado, or golf ball-sized hail is spotted by a trained spotter.

7 Minute Up-And-Down Blast: In accordance with federal guidelines, this signal is used only in the event of a serious national emergency.

What to Do

If you hear a siren sounding, you should take immediate action to protect you and your family. You should go indoors and turn your radio to WBIG, AM 1280 for emergency information or instructions. Other radio or television stations may also broadcast emergency information. It is important that you do not call 9-1-1 simply to find out why the sirens are sounding. This only overloads the 9-1-1 circuits for emergency calls. Only call 9-1-1 if you have an emergency where you are.

All Clear Signals

Often times people believe that the sirens are sounded after an emergency has passed to indicate an all-clear. The City of Batavia does not issue an "all clear" by activating the sirens. For information on the emergency, including when conditions are no longer threatening, your best source of information is your radio or television. For any questions concerning this information, please call Batavia Emergency Services & Disaster Agency at 630-454-2200. Please follow prompts, leave your name, address and all applicable phone numbers and an ESDA officer will return your call.

Siren locations

The City installed its first siren in the early 1960s. Today there are eight sirens that comprise Batavia's warning siren system. Their locations are:

  • Gustafson School 
  • Louise White School 
  • Emergency Services & Disaster Agency /Emergency Operations Center
  • Cottage Road well
  • Hubbard and Hunter 
  • The Ward Road substation 
  • McKee Street substation