Historic Preservation Commission

The Batavia Historic Preservation Commission helps protect the historic areas and structures in the City of Batavia. They are responsible for surveying and recording all of the historic properties in Batavia. They are also responsible for reviewing proposed landmarks or historic district inclusions. They review the applications and pass their recommendations on to the Batavia City Council.

The Commission is also available to help historic property owners with building rehabilitation questions. They are also authorized to create any plaques, signs, maps, or publications they deem helpful for informing the public. In addition, they may develop guidelines for any additions, alterations, or demolition of designated landmarks or buildings in historic districts. 

Members are appointed by the Mayor of Batavia and approved by the City Council, and they serve for three-year terms. The current members are:

  • Phil Bus, Chair
  • Robin Barraza, Vice Chair
  • Susan Alderson
  • Jamie Koc
  • Jamie Saam

Downtown Historic District

Batavia has one Historic District known as the Downtown Historic District. This District was established in 2006 with Ordinance 06-27 (PDF). The Downtown Historic District database may be reviewed online.

Local Landmarks

The City has one locally landmarked building, the Campana building. Buildings are landmarked through an application to the Historic Preservation Commission. The Historic Preservation Commission reviews applications for designating buildings as Local Landmarks.

Historic Preservation Design Guidelines

The Batavia Historic Preservation Commission has prepared the Historic Preservation Design Guidelines (PDF) for proposed projects within the Historic District and Landmark structures in Batavia.