Engineering Details

The City of Batavia has specific details for storm sewer, water, sanitary sewer and street improvements, erosion control and standard specifications. All details and specifications shall be on 24 inches by 36 inches sheets with a 3 inches high by 6 inches wide clear body near the Title Block, preferably at the bottom right corner of each page for a City of Batavia Approval Stamp.


The standard specifications must be included in each construction or improvement plan set fully intact with the City of Batavia border. The specifications sheet includes information on construction and installation aspects of the projects. Any specification not being utilized should have an 'X' placed over it.

Erosion Control

For erosion control the City of Batavia requires utilization of the most current detail from the Illinois Urban Manual except the inlet filter basket where the City requires the FlexStorm Detail be used (Standard No. 4.13 and 4.14). 

Details from the Urban Manual can be found online. (Silt fence, Construction entrance)

Below is a full list and PDF copy of the current City of Batavia details for storm sewer, water, sanitary sewer, streets and erosion control that are to be inserted into all construction and improvements plans when needed. These details govern over all other details.

More Information

Please contact the Engineering Division at 630-454-2750 with any questions regarding these details and specifications. Efforts have been made to insure the timeliness of the following information. Last updated May 4, 2016.

City of Batavia Specifications

  • Standard Specifications
  • Sidewalk and Curb Construction
  • General Specification
  • Pavement Construction
  • Earthwork
  • Water Main Construction
  • Storm Sewer Construction
  • Restoration and Landscaping
  • Sanitary Sewer Construction
  • Erosion & Sediment Control Construction

All sections have individual lists under the subheading. All details are in PDF format.

Detail Description Standard No.
Index of Details Index (PDF)
Inlet Type A 4.01 STM_INL (PDF)
Storm Sewer Manhole-Type A or B 4.02 STM_MH
Flared End Section A 4.03 STM_FES (PDF)
Flared End Section B 4.04 STM_FES2
Storm Manhole Lid 4.05 STM_MH LID
Catch Basin-Type A or B 4.06 STM_CB TYPE A OR B (PDF)
Dry Well Structure 4.07 DRYWELL (PDF)
Pipe Underdrain 4.08 STM_UD (PDF)
Restrictor Manhole 4.09 STM_RMH (PDF)
Sump Pump Connection 4.10 STM_SUMP
Detention Basin Overflow Swale 4.11 STM_SWALE
Detention Basin Overflow & Overflow Route 4.12 STM_OVERFLOW (PDF)
Inlet Filter-Flex Storm Detail 4.13 COB_FLEX (PDF)
Inlet Filter Maintenance-Flex Storm O&M 4.14 COB_FLEW O&M (PDF)
Detail Description Standard No.
Index of Details Index  (PDF)
Sanitary Sewer Manhole 5.01 SAN_MH (PDF)
External Chimney Seal
5.02 SAN_CHM (PDF)
Sanitary Sewer Service & Service Riser 5.03 SAN_RSR (PDF)
Sanitary Manhole Lid 5.04 SAN_MH LID (PDF)
Drop Manhole-New Construction 5.05 SAN_DROP NEW (PDF)
Drop Manhole-Existing 5.06 SAN_DROP EX (PDF)
Connection to Existing Manhole 5.07 SAN_COUPL (PDF)
Utility Trench Detail 5.08 SAN_UTIL TRENCH (PDF)
Sanitary Service Abandonment 5.09 SAN_ABAND (PDF)
Sanitary Service Residential Cleanout 5.10 SAN SERV CLEANOUT (PDF)
Detail Description Standard No.
Index of Details Index (PDF)
Water Valve Vault 6.01 WM_VV (PDF)
Water Service 6.02 WM_SERV (PDF)
Fire Hydrant 6.03 WM_FH (PDF)
Water Manhole Lid 6.04 WM_MH LID (PDF)
Water & Sewer Separation 6.05 WM_SS_SEP (PDF)
Water Main Crossing 6.06 WM_CROSS (PDF)
Pressure Connection Vault 6.07 WM_PC (PDF)
Casing Pipe Details 6.08 WM CAS (PDF)
Restrained Joint Tables 6.09 WM_REST (PDF)
Thrust Block 6.10 WM_TB (PDF)
Water & Sewer Service Separation 6.11 WM_SS_SEP2 (PDF)
Water Service Abandonment 6.12 WM_SER_ABAN (PDF)
Detail Description Standard No.
Index of Details Index (PDF)
Curb Removal & Replacement At Inlets 7.01 ST_INLR (PDF)
Commercial Right IN/Right OUT 7.02 ST_RIRO (PDF)
B6.12 Barrier Curb & Gutter at Curb Inlets 7.03 ST_BCG B612 (PDF)
B6.12 Barrier Curb & Gutter 7.04 ST_BCG B612 INL (PDF)
M3.12 Mountable Curb & Gutter 7.05 ST_MCG M312 (PDF)
Type B Barrier Curb 7.06 ST_TYPE B CURB (PDF)
Curb Replacement 7.07 ST_CURB REPL (PDF)
Sidewalk/Sidewalk Replacement
Sidewalk Construction 7.09 ST_SW CONS (PDF)
Sidewalk Curb Ramps 7.10 ST_CURB RMP (PDF)
Crosswalk 7.11 ST_CROSS (PDF)
Accessible Parking Space Markings 7.12 ST_ACC PRK (PDF)
Typical Pavement Details 7.13 ST_PV (PDF)
Utility Trench Paving Section-PCC 7.14 ST UT PCC (PDF)
Utility Trench Paving Section-HMA 7.15 ST_UT (PDF)
Driveway Commercial Replacement 7.16 DW_COM (PDF)
Driveway Residential Approach 7.17 DW_RES (PDF)