Demand Rate


This rate is applicable to any non-residential customer with a monthly kilowatt-hour usage of 2,500 kilowatt-hours in 4 or more of the preceding 12-month period, with a maximum demand of less than 750 kilowatts in 9 or more of the 12 prior months and for new customers with an estimated usage of over 2,500 kilowatt-hours or with demand of less than 750 kilowatts.

May 1, 2015

  • Monthly Customer Charge: $80 per month
  • Energy charges: $0.04403 per kilowatt-hour supplied in the month
  • All months: $16.28 per kilowatt for all kilowatts of billing demand

Billing Demand

The billing demand shall be the maximum demand in any month determined by the highest 15 or 30-minute demand established during such month.

Where 2 or more metering installations are provided on the customer's premises, the demand in any 15 or 30 minute periods shall be determined by totalizing such 15 or 30 minute period. Where there are 2 or more watt-hour metering installations on the customer's premises, the kilowatt-hours supplied shall be determined by totalizing together the kilowatt-hours metered at each installation. The kilowatt-hours supplied at 2 or more premises will not be combined for billing purposes hereunder. All metering will be on the line side of the customer's service.

Terms of Service

The customer's term of service shall commence when service is established and shall continue for not more than 10 days after the notice is received to discontinue service.

Late Payments

Payments received after the due date will receive a late fee of 5%. Utilities may be shut off when billings of $50 or more remains unpaid for more than 30 days or when billings less than $50 remain unpaid for more than 60 days. Once service is disconnected or past the final notice cut off time, an automatic $30 reconnection fee shall be required in addition to the full outstanding balance. A charge of $75 shall be paid for reinstatement if performed at times other than regular working hours in addition to payment in full of any outstanding balance and penalty. We hope you understand the necessity for these policies.