FEMA & Wetland Maps

FEMA Flood Maps for Batavia

You may view flood maps for each of the following sections.

FEMA Flood Maps for Batavia

Instructions for Finding FEMA Flood Map Data

In order to select Batavia, or any other flood map within the nation, follow these steps:

  1. Go to FEMA's map service page
  2. Click on the FEMA Flood Map Store near the left margin
  3. Click on Catalog near the right margin
  4. Click on FEMA Issued Flood Maps near the top of the page
  5. Follow the selections on the screen: Select a media type: Online; Select a state: Illinois; Select a county: KANE; Select a community: Batavia, City of - KANE/DUPAGE
  6. Click on Find FEMA Flood Maps
  7. The resulting page displays all FEMA maps for Batavia. Click on the green globe to view the document online; you may also order your own paper copies from this page
  8. The last map, 17089CIND0A is the index panel showing the location of each map within Kane County

See the Kane County ADID Website for maps and additional information.