Neighborhood Watch

A  Neighborhood Watch program is a commitment by area residents to actively watch over the property of their neighbors and to report suspicious activity to law enforcement. Neighborhood Watch Programs are effective because area residents are generally familiar with their neighbors’ vehicles, schedules, routines, and practices. Because of this, area residents will likely be the first to notice a burglar or suspicious activity at their neighbor’s home. Many burglaries in progress are observed and reported by vigilant neighbors.

A Neighborhood Watch program encourages citizens to call 911 to report suspicious activity in the neighborhood. Neighborhood Watch teaches community members the proper reporting procedures and encourages citizens to be actively involved in their neighborhoods.

Goals of the Neighborhood Watch

  • Increase the apprehensions of criminals in residential neighborhoods.
  • Prevention or reduction of criminal activities such as burglaries and other crimes in the neighborhood.
  • Send a loud and clear message to criminals that they are not welcome in our neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Watch encourages citizens to:

  • Engrave larger valuables with unique identifying information
  • Install proper locks on doors and windows
  • Keep records of serial numbers of valuables
  • Report suspicious activity
  • Utilize residential lighting to deter criminals
  • Engage all locks that are on their doors and windows
  • Secure all overhead garage doors


Interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch in your neighborhood? Contact the Batavia Police Department at 630-454-2500. The Police Department can assist with Crime Prevention information and resources, as well as signage for your neighborhood once your program has been established.