Board of Fire & Police Commissioners

The Board of Fire and Police Commissioners appoints all the police and fire department officers for the City of Batavia. The board conducts officer testing as well as promotional testing. Testing for entry-level positions is conducted every two years. Promotional testing is conducted every three years.  The board is comprised of three individuals who are appointed by the Mayor of Batavia to serve voluntarily for three years.  

The board may also conduct hearings regarding disciplinary actions taken against an officer by the department.


Commissioners meet on the first Tuesday of the month, 4 p.m., at the Batavia Police Department 2nd floor conference room, 100 N. Island Ave. Meetings are open to the public. Special meetings are posted 48 hours prior to convening.
The current commissioners are:

  • Nancy Vance, Chairman
  • Dennis Anderson, Secretary
  • Randy Zies, Commissioner