Fire Pension Board


The Batavia Fire Pension Board governs the investments of the full-time officers of the Batavia Fire Department. The Board is also responsible for governing and administering the benefits for retired and disabled firefighters of the City of Batavia. The Board currently oversees a pension portfolio of over $14 million. 

The board consists of two elected active-members, one retired or disabled member and two members appointed by the Mayor of Batavia, all of whom voluntarily serve. Appointed members serve for a two-year term.

Current board members

  • Trustee: Randy Deicke
  • Trustee: Laura Newman
  • Trustee: Christopher LaFleur
  • Trustee: Tim Lyons
  • Trustee: Charles Tragas

Regular Meetings

Regular meetings are held quarterly and are open to the public. Meetings are held in February, May, August and November. All meetings are held at 9 a.m. in the East Side Fire Station #1 Main Floor Conference Room located at 800 E. Wilson St., Batavia, Illinois.

The following is the schedule for 2023:

  • February 27
  • May 8
  • August 7
  • November 20