We love our community Roadway Sign

The City of Batavia, Batavia Public School District 101, the Batavia Park District, and the Batavia Public Library are making the PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY signs available to residents and businesses. The signs aim to encourage drivers to drive at a safe, legal speed, as well as to eliminate distracted driving.

The PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY signs will be available for residents and businesses to post on their property. The signs are an effort to provide a visual reminder to drivers to be careful in the warmer months, and the beginning of school, when more bicyclists and pedestrians are sharing the road.

Originally produced in a limited run for public properties, Batavia Mayor Jeffery Schielke requested the signs be made available for all Batavia residents and businesses.

“Batavia has had some very serious traffic incidents this year, and speed and distracted driving have been a factor. We hope that Batavia citizens will display these signs and that they will serve as a reminder to drivers to be more cautious,” Schielke said. 

The signs are available at Batavia City Hall, 100 N. Island Ave., the BPS101 administrative offices, 335 W. Wilson St., the Batavia Public Library, 10 S. Batavia Ave., and the Batavia Park District administrative offices, 327 W. Wilson St. 

Please adhere to the following sign posting rules:  

  1. Please post the signs on your property, not in the parkway. (A parkway is a grassy area between the sidewalk and the street.) If your sign is placed on the parkway, it may be moved by the City of Batavia code enforcement.  
  2. You may keep your sign at the end of the campaign period, or you may return it to

City of Batavia 
100 N. Island Avenue

If you have any questions about the Slow the Fast Down campaign you may call 630-454-2000 or email