2023 Water and Sewer Rate Increases Explained

Batavia utility customers will see an increase in their water and sewer rates beginning with their January 2023 bills. The rate increase is necessary to fund multimillion-dollar capital improvement projects for both utilities in the coming years, as well as to recover the cost of normal, daily operations.

To accomplish these goals, in December 2022, the Batavia City Council approved a 3% rate increase for water usage and an 8% sanitary sewer rate increase.

The capital improvement projects these rate increases will help fund include: 



  • Randall Rd Lift Station Reconstruction
  • Phase IIA Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements – final engineering/permitting
  • Phase IIA Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements – construction

Usage rates: The monthly fixed charge based on water meter size and usage rates usage for water, effective with the first utility bills issued after Jan. 1, 2023 are:

Meter size
2023 rate
.75-inches or less
6-inches or 8-inch$339.36
Monthly volume charge per cubic feet $3.98

Sewer bills are based on water usage. Because you may use additional water outdoors in the summer months, the City of Batavia has a summer sewer-averaging program that reduces the amount you are charged for sewer for four months over the summer. The amount of sewer charges you pay is based on 130% of your average use during the prior months of December, January and February [LB1] [FJ2] [LB3] (when your water use is lower). That average is used as a basis for your sewer bill for the first bill sent after June 15 and the following three months. If you use less, you are only charged for actual use.

For example: If your water bill amounts for the previous December through February are as follows:

Dec. $20
Jan. $15
Feb. $22
Average: $19

Then your sewer bill would be $24.70 beginning in the first bill after June 15 and the following three months.

Sewer bill = 130% of $19, or $24.70

Please note the summer sewer program may not apply to all the typical lawn-watering months. If you need to use outdoor water outside of the Summer Sewer averaging period, please contact Utility Billing, 630-454-2020 or email utilbill@cityofbatavia.net.

The monthly fixed charge, based on water meter size, and usage rate for sewer effective with the first utility bills issued after Jan. 1, 2023 are:

Meter size2021 rate
.75 inch or less$11.61
1 inch$16.14
1.25 inches$25.30
1.5 inches$36.33
2 inches$64.64
3 inches$145.20
4 inches$258.48
6 inches$581.72
Month volume charge per 100 cubic feet$5.15

If you have any questions about your water and sewer bill, please contact the Batavia Utility Billing Department at 630-454-2020 or email utilbill@cityofbatavia.net.