Batavia Bike and Pedestrian Plan 2023

The City of Batavia has adopted an updated Bike and Pedestrian Plan that creates a path to planning an efficient, comprehensive, and connected network of roadways: The Batavia Bike and Pedestrian Plan (PDF).

The media release announcing the plan:


BATAVIA, Illinois (March 7, 2023) – The City of Batavia has adopted an updated Bike and Pedestrian Plan that creates a path to planning an efficient, comprehensive, and connected network of roadways.

The Batavia City Council voted unanimously Monday to adopt the plan which was developed with the assistance of the Active Transportation Alliance and Ride Illinois. The 62-page plan reflects the results of a working group comprised of city staff, members of the Batavia Bicycle Commission, and representatives from the Batavia School District, Park District, Chamber of Commerce, and MainStreet.

The planning process also included public outreach and participation in open houses, stakeholder meetings, public surveys, site visits, and a project website.

“The resulting plan envisions a network of roadways which all users, regardless of age, ability and mode of transportation, are safe and comfortable,” said Batavia City Administrator Laura Newman. “The result will be improved health and happiness, a cleaner environment, a vibrant local economy, and better access to opportunities for everyone.”

The Batavia Bike and Pedestrian Plan updates the 2007 Bike Plan which also aimed to make the city a safer and more welcoming destination for bicycling. The new plan includes recommended road and intersection improvements that incorporate modern best practices in bikeway, pedestrian, and intersection design; ideas for programs and policies to encourage more people to walk and bike; and actions for the city and its partners to advance and prioritize implementation.

Plan objectives, which can be undertaken over time, aim to bring the city closer to the vision:

  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle connectivity across Batavia without changing the city’s unique character.
  • Enable all pedestrians, bicyclists, and passengers to feel safe and comfortable on streets, sidewalks, paths, and trails.
  • Provide low-stress access for pedestrians and bicyclists to community destinations, downtown, trails, and other local amenities.
  • Create a stronger, healthier sense of community and connections.
  • Promote increased walking and bicycling to support a cleaner environment, better health, less traffic congestion, reduced wear on streets, and a vibrant local economy.
  • Keep Batavia an attractive place to live where people have options for traveling throughout the community.

The plan provides key recommendations to achieve these goals. Included in those recommendations for local roads are:

  • Enhance pedestrian mobility by installing sidewalks on at least one side of each street, prioritizing those around schools, parks, bus stops, and the central business district.
  • Build on the existing network of off-street trails, side paths, and local bikeways to create a connected bicycle network.
  • Continue to increase connectivity between neighborhoods and developments for pedestrians and bicyclists to minimize short-distance trips by motor vehicles.
  • Increase pedestrian and bicycle visibility and safety at school and park crossings and in business districts with high visibility crosswalks, curb bump-outs, pedestrian and bicyclist signage, and other traffic calming enhancements.

 The recommended plan for state and county roads includes forging partnerships with other roadway jurisdictions to create continuous and context-appropriate pedestrian and bicycle routes.

To view the complete Batavia Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan please visit